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Vrboska - a typical small Dalmatian village situated in a narrow and deep bay in the central part of the northern side of the island Hvar.


Vrboska is situated on the sides of a long and shallow inlet of the sea, which are connected by little bridges joining the two banks, thus giving the place a special charm. The town is surrounded by dense pine woods. Along the coast a road has been built by which Jelsa can be reached in half an hour on foot.

Along a narrow and curving fjord , unusual only as wonders are in Hvar island, there lies Vrboska – the smallest place on the island.
But even if it is the smallest, Vrboska is the treasure of the island. Founded in the 15th century, due to numerous small bridges that it's connected with it is often reffered to as «Little Venice».
From the entrance, which it's widest part, surrounded with thick pine forest, it narrows curving into a canal along both sides of which are situated picturesque architectural objects of gothic,

The most monumental and dominant builing of Vrboska is the Fort church , situated on a slight rise in the centre of the town. It dates from about 1575 when old church of Sv. Marija (St. Mary) was fortified, this being necessary because of the constant threat of a Turkish attack. This fortress, even though as such it is of small dimensions, owing to its position dominates the view of the town and the bay, and with the harmony of the Renaissance architecture, it is one of the most attractive buildings of its kind on the Dalmatian coast.

Island Hvar - VrboskaVRBOSKA - a typical small Dalmatian village situated in a narrow and deep bay in the central part of the northern side of the island. Once a place of fishermen and fishing tradition with a still existing proof, the Fisherman's Museum, it is now a tourist centre attractive for its authenticity, peacefulness and beauty...
In the centre of the village the church - fortress of St Mary was built around 1580, and from the top of it we can enjoy a beautiful sight of the countryside and high seas... The church of St Lovrinac was built in 16th century, but its final appearance obtained in the Baroque. Among the significant works there is the polyptych by Paolo Veronese (1528-1588), and the painting of Our Lady of Rosary by Jacopo Bassano...

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